Yajnaseni - The Eternal Flame


Yajnaseni - The Eternal Flame

February 1-2, 8pm, Esplanade Theatre Studio
The show will be followed by a dialogue session with the dancer and choreographer at the same venue.
Early Bird Discount: Until January 3rd 2019.

Does your dharma take priority over your emotions?

That is a question that Draupadi, heroine of the Mahabharatam, silently faced. Yajnaseni gives voice to this private, internal struggle, exploring the shades of grey between what is right and what feels wrong; between one's duty and one's feelings.

Born out of fire, Draupadi’s birth, deeds and destiny had a cosmic purpose. Every morsel of her life had a pivotal cause and effect on humankind’s understanding of dharma. Draupadi stood as an emblem of self-worth, devotion and righteousness, that ultimately paved the way for the epic conclusion of good prevailing over evil. That was the power of the Panchali!

But at what cost? Where does one draw the line between greater purpose and what lies deep within one's emotions?

Draupadi controlled the destiny of the Mahabharatam, but her desires and her own destiny were never in her hands. Her love for Arjuna was cast aside by her duty to be a wife to five. Her righteousness and modesty were swept aside for her duty of instigating the war of good versus evil. Her motherly concern for her sons was sacrificed for the safety of her husbands and the greater dharmic fight.

What is dharma, then? Using theatre elements and English dialogue, Yajnaseni boldly presents Draupadi’s perspective over the course of developments in the Mahabharatam. With Sri Hari Padman (choreographer) and Sri O. S. Arun (music composer) adding their genius, this dance-theatre production by Meera Balasubramanian (Director, KFA) brings to light the heart-wrenching struggles Draupadi went through on her path to uphold dharma.

Participate in the post-show dialogue with Meera and Hari Padman to find out more about the creative process and to share your thoughts/perspectives.

About Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd.
Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd, a non-profit arts organization, was incorporated in 2016 by three young dancers: Meera Balasubramanian, Sruti Pegatraju and Shruthi Ramesh. These three dancers have undergone their Bharathanatyam training in India and Singapore and have performed extensively in both countries. They started this initiative with the aspiration of bringing the youth’s perspective to the Indian dance scene in Singapore.

Avail the Early Bird Discount until January 3rd 2019.
Feb 1 - Feb 2, 2019
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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